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What Do We Do?

At the Strategic Planning Group, we prepare you for things which aren’t supposed to happen—but which just might. We analyze contingencies, so as to give you a way to spot the coming crisis—protect yourself—and get ahead of it before it hits.

What Do You Get?

Every six weeks, SPG releases a full analysis of a possible crisis event—a Scenario. Each Scenario includes a clear analysis of the causes and effects of the possible crisis, how to prepare for the crisis, and how to take advantage of the crisis once it is in full swing.

Why Join Us?

Because no one can predict the future. Because it’s better to be prepared for a crisis that never comes, than to be surprised by a crisis as it unfolds. At the Strategic Planning Group, we give you the insight and the vision to not only survive the next crisis—but to prosper from it.

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Confidence Comes From Being Prepared. -John Wooden

Fortune Favors The Prepared. -Louis Pasteur

The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It. -Malcolm Little

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